Team Bragg at Jardy 2018

We are just returning from what can only be described as an awesome trip to France. We headed over there as quite a small team. Just myself, Simmone and the super groom that is Heather. Percy, Alcatr... Read more

Belle Du Jour

Bella is half sister to Hester, bred again by Lucy Nelson @

I’m enjoying my first season with her and I’m very impressed with her ability.  As with a lot of mares Bella is opinionated, and she has a feisty temperament to back those opinions up.  You could interpret her attitude at times as stubborn, but I try to look at this from a different angle.  Stubborness is ‘determination focussed in a negative way’.  Determination is key to success, so the challenge is to get her to focus in a positive way and you’re on to a winner.  This has been evident in her progress during the short time she’s been at Team Bragg and I can see a huge shift in her perspective.  She is developing a good work ethos, this has been rewarded with her most recent win, which Im sure will be the first of many.

Talented, Feisty, Determined;  who wouldn’t want to be leaving the start box at Badminton on anything less??