Team Bragg at Jardy 2018

We are just returning from what can only be described as an awesome trip to France. We headed over there as quite a small team. Just myself, Simmone and the super groom that is Heather. Percy, Alcatr... Read more


Hester is a wonderful mare owned and bred by Lucy Nelson @

Hester enjoyed great success in her first season with Team Bragg coming 5th in her 4* debut at Tattersalls (Ireland), and 3rd at Barbury 4*.

She is a very loving horse with a brave but sensitive character.  You need to work with her throughout her training.  I find riding her with empathy helps me to balance the level of pressure in her sessions so she interprets the training in a positive way and builds confidence.  She is a superb athlete with talent in every phase.

We are hoping to achieve a good result at a 4* Long competition during 2020.